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FAGALEI BAY PROPERTY-- 98 & 1/2 acres

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Stunning, freehold, 98 and half acres of prime beachfront real estate located in the district of Falelatai. At the end of Falelatai, the coastline suddenly heads steeply southward, creating a landmass like a peninsula and along the bottom lie Fagaiofu Bay then Fagalei Bay and heading further south-west other bays. The land is high where Falelatai Road continues towards Lefaga, but slopes downwards to the bays. There are no villagers inhabiting the extensive freehold area between the main road and the bays. It is mainly forest and bush and very steep in some areas. The Fagalei Bay property starts from the bay extending upwards, but not reaching the main road running along the very top. It is freehold and has been privately owned for over 40 years. It was partially cultivated many years ago with coconut trees, cocoa trees and other crops, but for a long time it has been neglected because the owners lived overseas. Recently, Fagaiofu Bay acquired a new owner who is building a couple of resorts on his property so he has done a lot of work developing the property while still maintaining its natural beauty of course. Fagalei Bay has the natural raw materials there, to be sculpted into a master piece by the right investors who must have vision, imagination and intelligence, to recognise the immense potential before them. Previously, because of the isolation of the property, access was mainly by boat or alternatively, for those really keen enough, a long, difficult trek. However, in 2009 the Survivor TV series people wanted to film Survivor Samoa. They looked high and low and then decided they wanted to film their Samoa series using Fagaiofu Bay as the site for one tribe and Fagalei Bay (just around the corner) as the site for the other tribe. Consequently, an access road was constructed that runs off Falelatai Road through the Fagaiofu Bay property to stop near the end of the Fagalei Bay property. The 10 minutes or so drive inland to Fagalei runs through acres of lush green scenery, winding downwards to the beach area, with some amazing views of the ocean and glimpses of the beach far below. The access road comes to an end about six feet or so above a vast area of flat land littered with coconut palms, ferns and bush which borders the pristine, sandy beachfront. Meandering through the flat area are gurgling streams which run out to the sea. The beach is enclosed in a private, sheltered horse-shoe shaped cove. The topography of this property and the area that surrounds it, will guarantee that any accommodation built here will have privacy, seclusion and absolute tranquillity that could never be rivalled by any other resort set anywhere else in Samoa! The main hotel or resort can sit cosily, well sheltered, on the elevated area to the eastern side of the cove, to capture spectacular ocean vistas and enjoy invigorating sea breezes! The resort can spread downwards to utilise the flat area bordering the beachfront. On other higher areas with even more incredible views, private villas or chalets can be built. A beautiful resort can be built here!
A simple, but exotic Spa could be built on the side of the cove or even a restaurant, overlooking the beach area and the waves breaking on the reef. Bliss! Peace! Serenity! Privacy! Seclusion! The topography dictates only one road into the property and the beach also is not easily accessible.

The Fagalei Bay property is well located and an ideal site for a boutique resort because it is isolated from the village population, yet is only a short drive from the main road. Also, it is situated only 20 minutes drive from the Faleolo International Airport. Heading towards, but before reaching the airport, is Aggie Grey's Lagoon Beach Resort & Spa with its lovely and challenging Le Penina Golf Course. The Mulifanua Wharf is reached before Aggie Grey’s Resort and this is where car/passenger ferries travel back and forth daily, every couple of hours, to the other main island of Savaii which is bigger, but less developed & populated. Savai’i boasts a more traditional lifestyle, historical sites such as the blow holes, lava fields and has numerous white sandy beaches. Even before the Mulifanua Wharf, is the site where boats can take tourists to visit the much smaller island of Manono, where visitors can experience some Samoan culture “up close & personal”.
The Fagalei Bay property is ideally and conveniently located on the developing side of the island, earmarked for resorts and hotels because of the close proximity to the Faleolo International Airport and Mulifanua Wharf (for easy access to Savai’i).
The government will fully support the right investor or investors with plans for a substantial resort that will assist and enhance the development of the tourism industry in Samoa. Incentives are available and the government can further help by extending the water & power facilities up to the property, but for investors approved by government!
Why lease?! OWN the property you will be pouring millions of tala into! The Fagalei Bay property is unique because it is FREEHOLD! Less than 20% of land in Samoa is freehold so the opportunity to purchase 98 acres of FREEHOLD pristine beachfront real estate is extremely rare and not to be missed!


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The first AERIAL shot was taken before the access road was constructed in 2009.
The 2nd Aerial shot shows the access road while it was under construction. It winds downwards to the beach and ends only about 6ft above the flat land bordering the beach. This area is littered with coconut trees & lush bush.
Price: $ USD$3m
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FAGALEI  BAY  PROPERTY--   98 & 1/2 acresFAGALEI  BAY  PROPERTY--   98 & 1/2 acresFAGALEI  BAY  PROPERTY--   98 & 1/2 acresFAGALEI  BAY  PROPERTY--   98 & 1/2 acresFAGALEI  BAY  PROPERTY--   98 & 1/2 acresFAGALEI  BAY  PROPERTY--   98 & 1/2 acresFAGALEI  BAY  PROPERTY--   98 & 1/2 acresFAGALEI  BAY  PROPERTY--   98 & 1/2 acresFAGALEI  BAY  PROPERTY--   98 & 1/2 acresFAGALEI  BAY  PROPERTY--   98 & 1/2 acresFAGALEI  BAY  PROPERTY--   98 & 1/2 acresFAGALEI  BAY  PROPERTY--   98 & 1/2 acres

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